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Volunteer with Us

How You Can Help!


We are seeking new Board and Committee Members.

If you have an interest, please send us an email:

As positions are filled we will remove them.

We are asking for a two (2) year commitment.


Executive Board Members Needed

●●● Secretary/Clerk

Records minutes and the roll call at meetings. Schedules all meetings with notice to participants requesting an RSVP. Maintains records. Oversees membership lists. Provides safekeeping of all official contracts and records. Publishes notices of scheduled meetings as required in the bylaws. Track board member terms of service. Ensure that key contact information for the organization’s leadership team is current. May have other duties as requested by the Board.



 Understands fiduciary responsibility and how it relates to nonprofit

organizations. Identifies the importance of a sound financial system for nonprofits, including cash flow management. Understands the importance of tax implications and maintains no liability for the organization. Understands how to develop a nonprofit accounting system and maintain proper records. Uses financial tools such as budgeting, forecasting, and benchmarking system. 


Committee and Ad Hoc Members Needed

Fundraising Committee

 Grant writing, fundraising, finance, PR, marketing, sales

Finance Committee 

 Treasurer/Accountant, reviewing budget, allocations, reviews & approves major purchases, reports, etc.


Legal Committee

 Legal filings, contracts, corporate law, permitting, employment law, compliance, DEI


Agricultural Sustainability Committee 

 Land, farm, buildings, utilities, permaculture, etc.


Development & Sustainability Committee

 Green Building and/or landscaping contractors, etc./Environment, buildings, energy, permaculture, renewables, etc. (Off-grid).

Advocacy and Policy Committee

Advances the organization’s mission, speaks in favor of the organization, makes recommendations, argues for our cause, supports, defends, or pleads on behalf of our residents and staff, educates the public, etc.

Public Relations Committee

 Promotes the organization’s agenda, relationship building, fundraising,           marketing, etc.

Nomination / Recruitment of Board Members

 Seeks out qualified board and committee members. Submits to current Executive Committee for review. Engages in interviews. Keeps in communication with potential and new members.

● We are also seeking volunteers to help with our grass roots movement to support our elders, make a stand for healthy environments (for you and your families), and green up our communities.


Please be aware that this Board will not have a hierarchical/patriarchal structure and that every member has equal rights and authority. (see bylaws).


Must have a strong spiritual/animist base, an open mind, and reverence for our BIPOC elders. Effective communication skills (empathizing, listening, speaking, observing, etc.). Must be representative and/or strongly supportive of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) grandmothers we seek to serve. Be in support of a healthy eco-environment. Believe that our elders have rights to fresh air, clean sustainable environments, organic foods, and a place to hone and practice whatever spiritual, metaphysical, medicine-based practices they have.

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